7 Prayers: On Honey, On Earth

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     Director Biography – Todd Carter

Todd Carter is a filmmaker, songwriter & producer who lives and works in New York City. A native of Carmel, Indiana, his life has wound a complex & unusual path through academia, the performing arts and spiritual research. Through a lifetime of learning in various capacities, releasing multiple albums and directing short-form music videos for his musical group The Looking, Carter has discovered and developed a directorial voice that draws on seemingly disparate streams of experience and esoteric fields of study. Christian and Sufi Mysticism, 80s New-Wave music, the writings of D.G. Leahy, Tibetan Buddhism, Activism–these elements are just a few in the rich and unique field of reference that informs Carter’s award-nominated work creating and scoring short-form films.

Director Statement

Making films came later in my life as an artist. It was a very unexpected, yet fascinating, turn in my creative life. I spent 20 years as a singer/songwriter and the turn to creating films was seamless. My film ideas come from a still place, where an opening happens in my consciousness and I begin to see images and translate them to words, ideas, and scenes. Much like the words of a song, images appear seemingly out of nowhere.

Sometimes when I’m being quiet, feelings and images appear. Occasionally, I’ll hear music, but mostly I’ll see clearly how images fit together. Spiritual work, philosophy, and theology are constant companions in my everyday life and my artistic life. The hidden worlds of our everyday lives, how the nuances of simplicity, permeate the crevices under the surface.

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