House of Inequity

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A day trip takes a turn for the worse when a group of friends investigate an abandoned house. The nightmare’s quickly become a reality when they’re forced to face their own personal fears, and survive a night in The House of Inequity.

     Director Biography – Josh Hale

Josh Hale was born in San Leandro, California to an Australian Mother and American Father. Josh’s family relocated to Queensland Australia in 1992 when he was 14 years old. This move proved instrumental in his development as a writer. Being an only child in a foreign country left him a lot of time with his imagination and a pen in hand.
Josh began his career in film at the turn of the century. To date he has been blessed to work with many great minds within the film industry. This has created quite a diverse range of skills.
From producing the #1 rated Australian Baseball broadcast for the 4 time consecutive Australian National Champion Brisbane Bandits, to volunteer media work with the Gold Coast Special Olympics, all the way to personal filmer for Tony Hawk for his Australia tour and numerous music videos, commercials and short films including the Award Winning Short Film- entiltled [Insert Words Here].
Josh’s debut feature film Digital Athletes: The Road to Seat League, a Mockumentary about Competitive Gamers was created on a 5k budget filming on the Gold Coast of Australia. The film was well received on the film festival circuit. It had its World Premiere at the Gold Coast Film Festival in 2017, where it was nominated for Australian Independent Film of the Year. The film then went to the United States where it had its North American Premiere in San Francisco. The film Won Best Comedy at the San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival. The film then Won the Diamond Award at the New York Indie Film Festival, Best Director and an Official Selection with an Honourable Mention at the Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Indie Film at Festigious Film Festival, Best Indie Film at the Gold Movie Awards in London and the Pinnacle Award and Best Director at the Elevation Indie Film Awards in Ireland. The film has finished its Festival run and is currently negotiating domestic and international distribution.
Josh has recently completed his Second Feature Film shot in mid 2019, an indie Horror film entitled House of Inequity, financed by investors from the United States that approached Josh on his festival run for his debut feature. The film had a budget of $100K. Shot on the Gold Coast of Australia featuring a local and international cast. House of Inequity will enter a festival run in 2021 to generate buzz and exposure to land domestic and international distribution.
In September 2020, Josh was a Producer on The Lost One, an Indie Feature shot in South East Queensland. Josh’s company 550 Studios were primary investors to get the project green lit. In 2021 Josh was the Gold Coast Screen Professional of the Year award winner.
Currently, Josh spends his down time with his wife and cats on the Gold Coast. He currently has many projects in various stages of development.

     Director Statement

I grew up renting every horror film the video store had on the shelf. I have always been drawn to this genre. However, I never thought I would make a Horror film, they were my entertainment. When I sat down to write my follow up feature, I really had no idea where to begin. I had just finished studying in LA under Dr. Tyrone Dixon, a film psychologist that I admired very much and was fortunate enough to learn from. I was inspired and felt I had grown as a creative. I wanted to really put myself to the test. I thought the best test was to write a genre that was fresh to me as a writer. With a love of horror, I thought why not. The market seemed saturated with Indie horror films so it was a challenge to think outside the box and think of something fresh in a fairly tired genre. I wanted to tell a popcorn story where the audience can connect with the characters before the story goes down the familiar horror path. I wanted to give the characters likability and individuality. I felt a lot of horror films would start, set up the story and get to the scares, seems like a winning formula, but I wanted to be a little different. I wanted to make a story that spends some time with the characters and then, when we are fond of them, they find the horror. This would potentially impact the audience. The idea was to also go hard with the kills in the film, a mix of Gore and Horror we have dubbed “Gorror”. Like taking Stand By Me and mashing it with Saw or Hostel. I enjoyed the idea because to me it seemed fresh. I wrote the first draft in 16 days. Of course, we did 8 more drafts before we entered production. When thinking of the cast, I wanted to utilise this film as a launch pad for up and coming performers. I managed to put together a great ensemble for my first film and I set out to create another wonderful ensemble of undiscovered talent. I truly believe the cast of this film pushed the characters so much further than I ever imagined. They were all so incredible. Most of them were on their first feature but it does not show. The performances by our brilliant cast were top notch. The next step was to find a Special Effects team to push us to the next level and once again we were able to get a team that was beyond my expectations. We worked with Jac Charlton and Chad Atkinson from Stingray Sushi Studios. Their resume was mind-blowing, not only did they work on Hostel with Eli Roth but they have worked with most of my heroes on some of the most iconic films. They are also Primetime Emmy winners for The Pacific. The team went above and beyond and delivered some incredible gore and kill scenes. Next, we decided to build our own sets for the interior shots of the “House” this was a fantastic process. A lot of hard work but with our Production Designer Daniel Wright onboard, he managed to create an amazing set once we built the walls. On the budget we had, we achieved an amazing result and stretched every indie dollar we had. For the look of the film, we enlisted the eye of Gold Coast Cinematographer Nathan Jermyn and he really pushed the look and feel of the film with ultimate understanding of what we wanted to achieve. The look and movements flowed wonderfully around the set. The recipe was set and we made magic. Every department went above and beyond. I am so proud of what we achieved. A local cast and crew utilising the incredible Gold Coast and all its glorious production value. I’m proud of this film. We embraced diversity, approach, genre, and gave it a twist of our own. We added an original score some awesome songs on the soundtrack, a fantastic editor and the most professional post sound editor and mixer in Queensland, perhaps even Australia, Golden Reel Winner for House of Flying Daggers, Mr. Vic Kaspar. I’m proud of our film family. The film we achieved is beyond what I envisioned in my head. I truly hope it gives you a laugh, a tear, a scare and a slice of disturbing images to burn into your memory. We had a great time making this film and I hope you walk away talking about it, provoking a conversation with your friends. Ultimately we hope to take you on a rollercoaster ride of escapism that is an enjoyable break from responsibilities and the stress of life. A cool little Gold Coast “Gorror” film. Simply put, it is what it is and I hope it can be something for you…

– Josh Hale
Writer, Director & Producer, House of Inequity

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