Light Year

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Sarah’s failure with her husband has affected her emotional life and resulted in drowning and falling her back into old memories. The memories which arise additional questions than answers to her obsessions and sometimes these questions surpass those arising from her relationship.

     Director Biography – Hossein Toghiri

Hossein Toghiri born 1985 in Hamedan-Iran graduated in Photography from Tehran University of Art in 2017. He started to realize several short films and has participated as DOP in more than 40 short films and documentaries since 2006. His first feature film produced on 2013 “Yousefi’s Defection Report” and second film in 2020 “Light-Year”. He received the national award of Iranian Digital Art Festival for his photography art in 2019.

     Director Statement

Nothing like history has ever affected so strongly the Human life. History being continuously in a strange confusion has always been a means of wars, walls and judgments. The abuse of history by today’s political, military and power-seeking purposes is an evidence for its importance. The film “Light-Year” tries to be a simple narrative of a woman’s picture and her imaginations from the past. Only things like religion, concepts and words remain from history. A history that if we want to discover its reality we need to cover the distance of light-years.

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