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RUINS is the first pandemic related film that is told in the rebellious “TELL BUT DON’T SHOW” format. It is a futuristic story of six hospital employees told as found footage. Nine years after an infection that destroyed most of humanity, the survivors search among the debris to find clues of what really transpired. The excavation team finds a secure video package that tells the story of some of the staff in a hospital fighting the pandemic. The film portrays the trials and tribulations they face during complete chaos around them.

Director Biography – Jay Mohan

Jay Mohan is a filmmaker based out of Dallas, Texas. As a new comer to the Dallas movie making arena, he started making films only from 2018. Within a short span of time he has made three short films covering multiple aspects of human life that has received worldwide recognition. As a computer engineer and software business owner by profession, he started down the path of filmmaking due to sheer passion. His enthusiasm to create stories covering wide variety of human emotions while his characters are faced with common diabolical yet heart wrenching hurdles make him stand out. As a story writer, director and cinematographer, he dreams of painting frames that will touch human emotions.

Director Statement

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to be sheltered at home, some of the artists I know came up with the interesting question. “Can art, especially filmmaking transcend the limitations forced upon us?” RUINS is an experiment and exploration to answer this question. Writing the story was the easiest part, however production raised its own challenges. This feature film was shot over 6 months during the COVID lockdown period, with all 6 characters shooting from the safety of their home. The biggest blessing I had was the spirit of our crew who were enthusiastic about the whole idea. They wholeheartedly decided to learn and adapt. RUINS is a statement – Come what may, human spirit will rise above the challenges and limitations to express our imagination and craft stories in the artform we love – Cinema.


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