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The Lotus flower is regarded in many cultures as a symbol of rebirth, growth and transformation. This film is an expression of that process. Inspired by Angelika´s near death experience we immersed underwater in the sacred Mayan Cenotes to tell her story of growth from pain, anxiety, fear to surrender, coherence, harmony & flow. Just like the lotus seed grows from dark waters to become the most beautiful flower, we too have the ability to grow to our full potential. This film is an invitation to dive deep within, reconnect with the soul and experience the profound power of life.

     Director Biography – Angelika Fürstler, Austin Ahlborg

Angelika Fürstler is an international underwater model, artist, debut-filmmaker, freediver, (4min 44secs breathhold), best-selling author, sprouting & “HighVibe® Food” expert & chef, entrepreneur, environmentalist from Austria, based in the South of France.
LOTUS is her debut short film.

Austin Ahlborg:
LA based cinematographer by day and creator by choice. Diver, world traveler, lover of the outdoors. A creative spirit with dedication to the arts and meaningful projects.

     Director Statement

This film has been based on inspirations, intuitions & a big dream since the very beginning. All performed while Freediving (without use of oxygen). What an enriching breathtaking multicultural, multinational, multilingual, multidimensional experience & adventure. It goes beyond what words can describe.

I have had the intense calling to create this film for years and finally met the right partner with whom we could realise this vision together.

Co-directing, producing this film and acting in it has been a huge step into the direction I want to go in life – creating consciousness-expanding films that matter and make a difference in peoples´lives and our world. This film couldn’t be better timed for these times of global turmoil. LOTUS aims to be a vehicle for transformation. Real change can only come from within. Our intention with this court-meterage is to touch as many hearts as possible and inspire and empower the viewers to dive deep within, bring awareness into their darkest places, face & embrace their fears, reconnect with their true self & the flow of life and tap into the profound power & potential of their very being.

Co-directing and co-creating this film with the so talented Austin Ahlborg & our amazing team has been the ultimate creation process. Everything about this process has been very intuitive and this is precisely what allowed us breathtaking adventures in extreme circumstances both underwater and above. (challenging Freedive underwater performance, filming in the ice-cold, windy & dry dessert, etc.)

Our gratitude goes to the entire team, volunteers, supporters and everybody who made this film possible. Since we want to touch as many people in the world we are sharing LOTUS online – free for everybody and we´d be forever grateful to be part of the Sundance Film Festival. Thank you 🙂

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