Tesla Psycho

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This test drive is psychotic…in more ways than one. Tesla cars have an insane and ludicrous mode but this driver takes it into psycho mode…and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.

Director Biography – Devon Ryan

Devon grew up in a small town in Texas. He was a dedicated electrical engineering student at the University of Texas. Despite how incredibly “left-brained” such a field was, he had a secret desire—to pursue film. Upon graduation, he started a technology company and began producing and acting in his own commercials. Since then, he has produced multiple short films including his most recent film, Hail Mary, about a group of WWII pilots. He also has a passion for aviation and flies planes in his spare time.

Director Statement

During the pandemic, movies were put on hold. I wanted to give people, especially people who love film, something to laugh or smile about. I’m grateful to have had an opportunity to work with a rockstar team during unprecedented times.


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