Hide Your Love Away

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When a bullied, abandoned, autistic teen threatens suicide, his group home guardian, an autism dad, must throw him a lifeline or sink in the storm.

      Director Biography – Linda Kay Leonard

Linda K. Leonard has been a professional Director/Actor for more than 40 years in every medium of the Arts. Film, Theatre, Commercial and Industrial and Musical Theatre. She has received Critics Forum Awards, Leon Rabin Awards, Critics Choice Awards and many others, Linda is a member of Actors Equity, SAG/AFTRA, Women in Film and WAPN and is dedicated to the process of creativity and empowerment and healing. She is honored to bring our story to the screen.

      Director Statement

I have had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with Dan E. Burns and a host of talented and passionate, amazing artists during our New Age of Filmmaking in 2020. Utilizing a cast and crew of only 10 artists, we created Hide Your Love Away as a non-traditional look at the world of autism, suicide and prevention. It may feel dark or even Gothic in nature, but the story represents the often realistic response and effort to navigate through the journey of saving a young man with autism from suicide, the sometimes clumsy efforts and the surprising and hopeful results of connection and empathy.

I began my journey into the world and community of autism several years ago when I cast and directed a web series for Dan, called Saving Hope (originally Saving Zero). I have, in the past, worked in many youth theatre groups with young artists with special needs, but I had never taken on this kind of a project as a director. What I found was a community open to educating others in compassion and understanding of the world of autism, and I discovered just how amazingly gifted and fragile the life of a person with autism can be. There is information and guidance and patience available for anyone who wants to explore that world with the intention of truly “seeing and hearing and learning” in order to bring a greater understanding of autism to others. I am grateful to be a part of this journey.

Linda K. Leonard
Director, Hide Your Love Away

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