Always on the edge

Always on the edge   (Narrative  Comedy)

Elena, 47, woman, actress with more than 20 in the show business. She’s in a very difficult professionally situation. With the lack of female roles for an actress older than 40, and the deteriorated relationship with his friend Ivan, your flatmate and casting director, she feels the struggle of show business never ending. The desire to keep fight and to live from her work, makes her plan a solution. Her goal will be to reconquer Ivan and remind him that an actress of his age has much to contribute. The result will not be the expected one.

J.K. Álvarez was born in Oviedo (Asturias, Spain) in 1988. When he was 15, he started to create slideshows with the computer that his parents gave him for Christmas. In 2006 he studied Business and Management at university for a while, but soon he changed his life in order to direct his first art works. His first short film, “El héroe olvidado” (“The forgotten hero”), was finished finally in 2008. Since that moment, he has been focusing all his life on writing, producing and directing fiction works, documentaries, video-clips and TV programs. He received several international awards and nominations in recognition of his films.

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