Going Home

Gong Home

Carlin is a small town located in northeast of Nevada. Why this white people dominated town has been waiting for 22 years to welcome the 13 Chinese remains come home and honor the “the oldest citizens of Carlin”? Documentary film “Going Home” tells a story about how the people in a remote and small town like Carlin embrace their history with love and respect to “the outsiders”.


Susan Zhou (Santa Clara, CA, USA)

Min is a journalist and co-founder of a daily newspaper in China. She was selected a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism in 2011.She has been a contributing writer for top news magazines in China. Her most influential feature stories include Justice Came in 125 Years and A memoir of Chinese Workers on Central Pacific Railroad.An active filmmaker in the San Francisco Bay Area, Min has been focused on researching Chinese-American immigrant history and working on multiple documentaries from a well known drama playwright to top IT engineers in Silicon Valley.

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