Mustang Saviors

Mustang Saviors

American veterans are killing themselves by the thousands each year. It is a national tragedy on an epic scale. But a remarkable treatment is proving more powerful than ever imagined: Wild mustangs taken straight off the range! Pairing them with veterans, is miraculously turning despair into enduring hope!

Director Biography – David Glossberg

David Glossberg grew up in Chicago and made frequent trips to the video rental store. Involved in theater throughout his school years and into college as well community theater, David has always been drawn to the world of entertainment. Through the twists and turns of entrepreneurship, David found himself delivering bottled water to movie sets in Chicago in early 2005, giving him a ‘Film School Education’ from behind the scenes.

Since then he has served and crewed on handfuls of major motion pictures from the largest to smallest budgets and in several capacities. David has been an active IATSE Journeyman since 2016.

When the prompting was given to ‘make a documentary about this’, David took on the challenge and shot Mustang Saviors, a moving documentary about veterans who work with captured wild horses and now, together have a new chance at life.

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