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Experiencing several daydreams in a home in San Francisco, a woman decides it is time to leave the place where its conceptions of masculinity are at war.

HOME VIDEO COLLECTION was created by Ryan Louie, at home with his family – under the roof and between the walls that kept them together during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

     Director Biography – Ryan Nelson Louie

Ryan Louie is a filmmaker based in Oakland, California, who was born and raised in San Francisco.

He is a film student and former SFUSD elementary school educator. While teaching all subjects in 2nd and 3rd grade for three years, he continued to write, direct, and edit film projects – both on a freelance basis and on topics that appealed to his own perspectives and experiences. After three years with Dr. George Washington Carver Academic Elementary School, he decided to fully commit to growing his own video production business and developing feature-length screenplays.

As a student at City College of San Francisco, he is an avid film watcher and passionate about producing films that give Asian American cinema more surrealist and/or art-house tones.

     Director Statement

I hope you enjoy my film. I made all of these scenes under the guidance of City College of San Francisco’s Cinema Department. After the first six months of production coursework, I looked back and realized they all had a common through-line, and I decided to weave them together into a longer anthology.

The entire cast is comprised of family and close friends. We lived together during the pandemic, playing board games and cooking dinners. Now we are approaching the end with a film!


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