The Christmas Masterpiece

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Filled with original music, this is a beautiful family friendly story of a precocious 14 year old girl, Emma, and her 80 pound Golden Doodle dog-Rocky. Emma has lost her mother and now must live with unfamiliar grandparents in another town. Her artistic flair with painting and life lead her thru heartache and eventually guide her to help energize the town of Lakeside for the holiday season. The Christmas spirit unites the town toward a common goal and allows Emma and her friends to follow their dreams.
“In times likes these you have to keep on letting go, it’s the holding on that causes pain.”

     Director Biography – Wayne Goodrich

Wayne Goodrich, is known for earning 10 ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Actor’ awards in his first film ‘shadows in the closet’ (2017), He started his own production company and then produced and directed ‘Number 803’ (2019) and now ‘The Christmas Masterpiece (2020)’. Wayne loves to tell a story, a story made with film.

     Director Statement

‘The Christmas Masterpiece’ brings together five incredibly talented lead actors and one 80 pound golden doodle dog in a wonderful family story of how, in times like these, you have to keep on letting go, because it’s the holding on that causes pain.

New to film, 14 year old Brooke Chamberlin (Emma) is simply incredible in her leading role performance. She is a standout, a truly gifted performer.
Dain Paige, a veteran stage actor and leading man, develops his character (Braxton Tate) so well, he blends effortlessly throughout the production. From a man in hiding to becoming a mentor to Emma, Dain is totally believable. Dain shines in his role as Braxton Tate.
And then bring in Kelly Amshoff , who is absolutely beautiful-on camera and off. Kelly exudes a glow, a warmth, that few other actresses can.
Michael Comstock and Judy Littlefield in the roles of the unknown grandparents, play their characters differing personalities to a “T”. Just watch them, One sweet, one sour, and then…just watch the film to see.
So we brought together this talented cast with an amazing technical crew and some wonderful film locations, and then added in the beautiful story and original music, And somehow, we even made it snow on the hottest day in the summer and created ‘The Christmas Masterpiece’. This was fun, great fun. Hope you enjoy our film.

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