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In 2014 a hack of over 100 women was spread across the
worldwide web by a sadistic digital rapist, Tyler Fuller.
These women in the public eye, were violated of their basic
human rights and privacy and Mr. Fuller was given a mere slap
on the wrist, serving only 18 months in a federal prison for
ruining over a hundred women’s lives forever. We’ve all seen
the headlines and the images of the graphic theft of the
innocence and purity of these women, but until now, nobody
has seen the extreme damage that it has truly caused.

     Director Biography – Uldouz Wallace

Uldouz Wallace was born in Teheran, Iran. Her Parents moved to Uppsala, Sweden when she was 5 years old, when she turned 9 years old she moved to Stockholm, Sweden. In her journey from Iran to Sweden she was still able to maintain the language Farsi (Persian) as well as learning the languages Swedish and English fluently.

John Singleton discovered Uldouz Wallace; he recognized her talent and assisted her with her own sketch comedy series “Living an Uldouz Life”. Her sketch comedy show was also appreciated by Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die, where she also wrote & made sketches then she later joined forces with Marlon Wayans at What the funny to work in their sketch comedy & Vine department to create content.

She also appeared on Case 39 with Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper as well as Good Luck Chuck with Dane Cook, and the hit show Smallviel as well as Cocked with Jason Lee and Brian Dennehy.

Uldouz has accomplished many things, such as finishing her Masters in Marketing and Advertising, also a Business Administration Diploma as well as an Acting Diploma. She studied at Groundlings, John Casablanca and Richard Lawson’s Studios. Besides acting Uldouz is also a Writer & a Major Social Media Influencer with millions of followers across her Social Media Platforms.

This unique and versatile actress is striving to make her mark in this industry and is committed to advancing in her craft and working on projects that allows her to display all aspects of her abilities and skills.


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