The Conversation

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The Conversation

Benjamin has run away to a rural town in hope of getting away from the questions that torments him, his battle with his personal faith and doubt. Then all of sudden he starts meeting people that seemingly knows everything about him, even more than he knows himself.

Director Biography – Daniel Paida Larsen

Daniel Paida Larsen is a director and still-photographer born in 1984, currently living in Oslo and Milano. He studied fine arts and film at the university UDK in Berlin and the Valand academy in Gothenburg. Daniel works with both with fiction and documentary with a strong visual focus, inspired by his background as a photographer. Central to his work is the inherit spirituality in both man and nature.

Director Statement

The Conversation is based on an image of a man showering and the idea of having a conversation with god. Now as portraying god as an old man with a long white beard didn’t appeal to me I started playing with the idea that he could appear in anyone and anywhere. So The Conversation is an inner conversation, but it takes place on an outer level, and god is all kind of different characters and he’s free of any kind of religion or institutions. As I lived in Milan when I started working on the project, Italian cinema has had a big influence on me and on this film.

I have drawn inspiration from films like Michelangelo Antonioni’s L’Eclisse and Luca Guadagnino’s I am love, Italian fashion and the hard light and contrast the Italian summer offers. As I’m also working as a photographer still images is important to me. So when we were looking for a way to create a spiritual atmosphere I wanted to recreate that feeling a still image can give you, a feeling of another dimension that you can see and sense but not entirely grasp.

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