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Young and career focused theatre actress finds herself facing a life-changing decision, whilst pressured by time after falling in love with an introverted writer, whose dark side is about to come to light. A story, which questions the price of our dreams and our true values.

     Director Biography – Stanislav Hristov

Graduated “Cinema and TV directing” in SWU “Neofit Rilski” Blagoevgrad, in the class of professor Rumyana Petkova, 2006.

“I love you so much” – short film 18 minutes, director, student film, 2006.

Assistant Director in “Our other possible life” – director Rumyana Petkova, feature film, 35mm, 117 minutes, 2004.

“The secret of the boat”, 5 minutes, 2004 – Winner of the first award in the First in Eastern Europe “48-hour movie challenge” in the International festival for film art in Balchik.

“Ederles”, documentary, 22 minutes, 2004, participated in the competition of the 2nd International festival for film art “Balchik 2004”.

“Outside” – documentary, 18 minutes, director – 2009.

Directed numerous commercials and music videos.

     Director Statement

In the film “Undo” space and time do not hold much significance. The so called “past” and “present” merge into the abstract canvas of a street artist. And the “future”, on the other hand, watches with interest, as if in front of a theater stage. Behind the curtain, everything turns into a moment that has gathered love, deception and birth. A difficult choice must be made between the characters, because the moment cannot go on indefinitely. A sip of water and the beautiful dance ends, the past fades, the future takes a step back. The picture is complete… and in it, time does not matter… only the moment!

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