2020 – Life of a Puppet

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Due to the impact of multiculturalism, a puppet troupe is having trouble recruiting new talent. Even worse, the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020 results in the suspension of the troupe’s performances. In the midst of multiple dilemmas, Liu Yaxing, the leader of the group, tries to write a horror script and release videos of a puppetry drama online in an attempt to attract people’s attention, but with little success. Puppetry appears to be hedged in, but are the people as well?

     Director Biography – Wang Chengli

Wang Chengli, female, was born in October 1983 and studied at MFA. ” 2020 – Life of a Puppet” is the first short film she has made, and is also her first work in the field of film and television. As human beings have developed, they have attempted through various means to imitate their personal lives and express their emotions. Images are undoubtedly the most intuitive and vivid way of voicing this expression, but the “tangible” nature that is inherent to images can also limit many other forms of intangible expression. My hope is that we can go further in exploring the “tangible expressions of the intangible”.

     Director Statement

I often reflect on the relationship between people and the culture and times that they exist in. In every era, there are both new forms of culture, and previous forms of culture that are not suitable for the aesthetic tastes of the new, emerging era. Culture is always in a constant state of flux, and the people from each and every culture are little more than grains of dust caught up in the torrent of time’s passage. Mankind are responsible for creating the times they live in, and yet they are ultimately dominated by them. People create various forms of performance art based on their own appearance in order to interpret their own lives and stories and express their emotions. Puppetry, a physical manifestation of the human figure that was created in the early stages of history and which has continued until today, is facing a dilemma brought about by the impact of multi-culturalism in the information age. Puppet actors, as a group, are also faced with a dilemma. They are caught between the clash of old and new cultures and although they are struggling, there is a great sense of helplessness. Some of the reasons for their difficulties have been brought on by themselves, while other reasons are beyond their control. Could it be that there is no room for any intersection of aesthetics between modern-day people and puppetry? My hope is that this film can trigger further thought about people, culture, and the times we live in.

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