Moon Light

Moon Light

Chinese language.  Length: 100Min.

“Moonlight” is a film about the Chinese minority experience. The film follows Ning xin, a woman who flees her dreadful marriage and returns to the Dong ethnic group village of Tao Hua. There she is reunited with her first father Li Singqiao, a collector of folk songs for over 30 years.

To please her father NingXin  decided to fulfill his request to record the Grand Dong folk songs.  Under  the guidance of the head of the village, Uncle Shi. Ning Xin starts the process of recording the songs. As she progresses, she learns of an unforgettable and bittersweet love story 30 years ago about her foster father who fell in love with a Dong girl Jin Lin when he first arrived to Tao Hua. She discovers the reason why her fodter father is fascinated by the Grand Dong folk songs why he has lingered by the Dong landscape., and  why he has decided to remain alone for so many years.

Director/Producer:  Ningning Kong”



悠扬悦耳,迷人动听,来自天籁之音的侗族大歌萦绕在秀美的山寨之中。他明白了养父如此痴迷的那里的侗族大歌,如此留恋那诱人的山寨。以致让他一辈子不娶 一辈子等待……


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