The Art of Fortune Cookie

The Art of Fortune Cookie

Times change. The pure heart remains. Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory, a small hand-crafted retail store with 57 years of history, hidden in an alley of Chinatown in San Francisco, becomes more and more well-known nowadays. In the mechanized and digitalized era, a new guardian of the factory, Kevin Chan, insists on the original taste of hand-made cookies as well as innovates modern management mode, to make the century-old craft culture spread.

The film directed by a young generation female director, Jiayi Li, explores the historical movement and cultural value of Chinatown’s business development.

Director Biography – Jiayi Li

Jiayi Li (Kayi): Producer, Director, and Editor

She is an Emerging Media Filmmaker at Bay Area. She graduated with a Film Studies major at University of California, Berkeley. As an aspiring filmmaker with Chinese and American culture, she has high enthusiasm and creativity to engage in telling stories for different communities. She has been produced and directed three series of short YouTube videos, “Roots,” “People, Places, and Power,” “I Left my Heart in Chinatown,” for Chinatown Community Development Center 40th Anniversary, and those videos have been screened at social community events and galas as a historical and cultural approach for the development of Chinatown.

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