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Get A Job Ya Bum

Rick Burgouse a well off Family man and wife Julie and 15 year old daughter Emma live a normal family life when rick is layed off from his firm the Burgouse family is turned up side down When Julie looses her job the house retaken by the bank the family if forced to live in there car. This becomes the breaking point for Julie who after several attempts to get rick to go to her mothers ends up leaving rick and taking Emma..

                                  Director Biography – Stephen Bowker

                                            Steve Bowker Biography

Steven was born in the UK in 1962 to parents Charlie and Mary Bowker. Steven’s parents and 8 siblings, subsequently migrated to Australia and arrived in Fremantle West Australia in 1966, the original Ten-pound poms.

Unfortunately, Steven would never be given the chance to experience a normal family life as Steven with his brothers and sisters were all placed straight into Fairbridge Farm School, based in Western Australia. Fairbridge Farm School was a school set aside for special accommodation for immigrant children who could not join their parents until proper family residential accommodation had been found.

in 1969 the Bowker children moved to The Bridgewater Care and Assessment Centre. It was established by the Child Welfare Department in January that year as a short-term residential facility for children and young people aged from 3 to 18 years.

The family finally moved into their first family home in Rockaby Road, Subiaco and finally a settled environment for Steven. However, it was at this time Steven found out that Mom had left the family, leaving father to bring the family up as a single parent and regrettably, Steven has never seen his mother since.

The family moved several more times finally ending up in a house in Redcliffe WA. Steve being the younger of the boys and the last to leave home had no idea what he wanted to do when he grew up, but he knew he loved reading. Stevens passion was comic books and he would escape reading “Superman”, “The ghost who walks” (The Phantom) and detective stories.

In his teens Steve began writing stories and was told by a teacher in high school that he should continue writing as he had a great imagination and was good at it. Unfortunately, another milestone in Stevens life occurred with his father passing away, which affected him greatly.

On leaving school, Steve had many career changes including joining a model agency and trying his hand at being a male model, where he strolled the catwalks for a while. Steven married (Caroline) at 18 and they had two children but a short time later his life fell apart when (Caroline) left him taking the two children with her, Steven was devastated.

At this time in his life, Steven had trouble keeping a steady job an found himself at 25 partying till 5am every night and getting into minor scuffles. His life spiralled out of control and for his troubles, he found himself spending three nights in lock up for overdue fines. This was a major turning point and he knew times had to change.

A short time later, Steven began to get his life back on track and started working for a radio station in South Australia, where he met a wonderful woman Julie. The happy couple decided to move back to Perth, where Steve started to get his life back together and more importantly started writing again.

It was now the eighties and Steven was in his twenties, computers were still in their infancy and Steven found himself pounding away on a typewriter with a bottle of white out close by. No more pubs, clubs or alcohol, but the sound of keys banging on to paper as the words magically appeared from a stroke of a key to paper. Mountains of pages were evolving from Steve’s imagination, at the same time Steve was still perusing being a radio announcer in a commercial radio station.

Steve worked during the day as a delivery driver and studied night classes at Vaughn Harvey’s school of radio, still dreaming of a radio career.

Throughout this period, Steven carried on with his writing and finished his first book (Outback Mystery Pilot book1), he was as excited as a twelve-year-old at Christmas and Steve sent his script to every publishing house he could find in the phone book. He sent his manuscript to everyone getting negative replies like, “No thank you” and “This is not what we are looking for”.

Steven decided to purchase a basic computer and was determined to succeed in his writing, so he continued to send the manuscripts out with a passion. Instead of banging noisy keys, he was now copying and pasting paragraphs in a basic programme and saving his work to floppy discs.

For a short time after Steven had another relationship and even had his own business, life repeated itself and they both failed.

Steve turned once again to the one thing he was good at and his saviour, writing stories and turning them into scripts, with the hope and passion to one day get his scripts to the big screen.

Having experience of how hard it was to get his books published by the publication houses, Steve knew the only way to get anything to the screen was to learn how to make movies himself. He now had the internet and hit YouTube hard and watched how to make a movies day and night. Steve subsequently, went out and brought a camera, lights, sound gear and he was now ready to make a movie.

Steven was now in his 50’s and living in Geraldton, Western Australia, making cooking videos and putting them on YouTube. He also decided at this time to call upon his experience as a male model and started a modelling school, he wanted to help the younger generation in the area experience the catwalk and have a chance at becoming models. However, Steven knew something was missing and Steve wanted to get a script of his to screen and cooking movies and running a model school were not doing it.

Then one day while watching a video he heard these words, “Stop sitting there watching videos on how to make movie and get out there and start making your own movie”. A light bulb moment that sees him today as “Steve Bowker” Producer and director of his own movie “Get a job ya bum”.

Steve finally did it and put it all together, he’s now making his own movies and if he could leave with one quote it would be….

“Every action has a reaction”. Get out there and make your dream come true.

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