Welcome to San Francisco International Virtual Film Festival

The 7th San Francisco International New Concept Virtual Film Festival Schedule

October 28, 2020: Opening Ceremony

October 28-31, 2020: Selected Films Screening

November 1, 2020: Award-Winning Announcement and Closing Ceremony

    SFNCFF virtual film festival will adapt membership title to conduct all the above activities.  Who buy the title ticket will have the privilege(title) to watch all the films and all the ceremonies. 

     Before you buy, you still have the opportunity to watch the trailers of the films (they are free, but not all the films has the trailer!!!) and  to read the introductions of each films.

    After you bought the ticket, you can go to  any film genre ( as menu indicates ) to watch ( the films will come out when you click the film poster. Before you buy the ticket there is no poster showing at all).

    Thanks to stay with SFNCFF.  Enjoy the moments.